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Cambrils and the surrounding inland counties are ideal for cycling holidays and for professional cycling teams to train. The main reasons are: a wide variety of routes of all difficulties out of Cambrils, memorable scenery and an excellent climate all year round.

The Estival Eldorado Resort may be regarded as a “Bikehotel” since we can offer you all the infrastructure you need to bring your bicycle without any problem whatsoever, whether you are a touring-by-bicycle fan or do triathlon (amateur and professional):

  • cycling packages with routes in the area for all levels,
  • bicycle hire for all ages and needs,
  • a cycling centre with its own workshop,
  • parking facilities for bikes with a resort-wide security system,
  • storage space for more than 300 bicycles,
  • bicycle cleaning area
  • own laundry service for groups of bikers.
  • gymnasium with an indoor cycling room for base training.
  • swimming pool with six 25 m-long lanes to facilitate triathlon training.
  • specialised guides who will give you both sports and technical assessment

Since we realise the importance of healthy eating during a cyclists' outing, we prepare picnics for cyclists who decide to spend the day outside the hotel. We also provide sports menus for groups. 

Everything you could need to enjoy the perfect cycling holiday in Cambrils!

Customers are reminded that they are not allowed to take bikes up to the rooms.